Instant Motivation


By Victoria Belue Schaefer

The Secrets to Tap into Your Unlimited Resource of Pure Power to Make All Your Dreams Come True.

I had acquired vast amounts of knowledge in my life and had come up with some great ideas, but lacked the motivation to do anything with it. As I looked around, I realized that most of the people I saw were in the same boat with me. There were no other barriers for them, or me, preventing us from achieving what we wanted and thereby living at our highest potential.
It was at that moment this book was born.

For years my creative and determined mind has come up with ways to motivate myself to accomplish the tasks, big and small, that I needed to do. Now, I have compiled all my secrets into this one book, and I want to share it. You too can have Instant Motivation.

Downloadable E-book by Victoria Belue Schaefer. 54 pages.



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